In my thesis I studied Amiga ASCII textmode art. Amiga ASCII art is a form of text art where the Amiga's computer font characters are arranged so as to form a (typically) two-dimensional image. The Amiga computer hobbyist subculture was popular in the 1990s. Its focus was on the use of logos and other visual materials made to promote BBSes, as well as competition between artists' virtuosity in textmode image-making.

My focus in this thesis is on Amiga ASCII art, used as a method of visual expression. I define textmode art, which contains ASCII art and its sub-genres, as a genre of visual art. I also briefly describe computer and ASCII art history and how the technological changes relate to to the subculture. I will focus my thesis, particularly the textmode Amiga ASCII art, by attempting to make a collection of original visual art according to the traditional techniques and styles.

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